Sunday, June 2, 2013

Google Lunch

PL here -

I had a top-secret meeting with someone from Google last week, so rather than tell you about what we talked about, I thought I'd tell you about the lunch.

It was in the Google cafeteria, some floors up at their New York City office building on 9th Avenue off 15th Street.   The food was so good, that "cafeteria" seems an insufficient word for it.   So good, that the Google cafeteria reminded me of Justin de Neuve's, also a self-described as a "cafeteria," but one of the best eateries in London, at least when my wife Tina and I had lunch there in 1976 on our honeymoon.

The food in Google cafeteria was just a delicious.   I had duck, the portions of which came in white bowls  with some side veggies and everything cooked to perfection.   I saw fish and chicken choices which looked mouth-watering, too.

The salad choices were multiple and outstanding, too.   I took small portions from at least four, and found the carrots, brocoli, chick peas, and various kinds of lettuce crisp and vibrant.

Now, I have no idea how much this costs, because I was a guest.   But I didn't see my gracious host pay anything either, so these lunches are apparently a perk for Google's 3500+ employees in New York.

And a tasty, healthy perk it is.  Google is a wise believer that good food for the palate makes for good food for thought.