Monday, December 16, 2013

Elk Burger

PL here -

Hey, I admit to having adventurous dining tastes.  Over the years, I've enjoyed venison, bison, mutton, and frog legs. Ok, maybe not that adventurous - certainly not as adventurous as Anthony Bordain -  but better than some.  I did once try ostrich - cooked at home - and found it too dry. Probably not due to the bird but my overcooking.

But when my wife Tina told me about this new place, BareBurger Organic  - new for Westchester, NY - that served burgers of wild boar, bison, elk, and, yeah, ostrich, in addition to more conventional fare, I knew I would have to try it.  We were on Rt. 119, on our way to another fine establishment, when Tina said hey, how about that new burger place?  I hung a sharp turn down Central Avenue.  Tina went for the beef burger, organic, and loved it.

And I went for the elk.  It was just perfect - in many ways like the finest beef burger, but with absolutely none of the fat, not a hint of grease, not even an aftertaste impression of grease.  It was just tender, delicious meat, almost fragrant it tasted so good.   The brioche and the spinach greens and tomato - also organic - were perfect accompaniment.  I was almost sorry I put a little honey mustard dressing into the mix - the elk burger was so savory.

There are BareBurgers in Manhattan, New Jersey, who knows where else.  If the burgers those serve are anywhere nearly as good as the ones Tina and I had late this afternoon a little south of White Plains - trust me, you'll love it.   I may even go for the ostrich next time.

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