Thursday, August 14, 2014

Delicious Slyce!

PL here -

Tina and I had a scrumptious dinner last night as the just-opened Slyce, which serves much more than pizza, though you can get that there, too.

Slyce is a cosy, cool remake of Ciccone's, next door to Slyce, run by Anthony and Phil Ciccone.  The original restaurant was already excellent, but the new rendition in Slyce serves out-of-the-ballpark delicious food.

We both started with a strawberry and arugula salad - light and mouthwatering.   Tina had the lasagna for her main course, which she loved.  I had the veal parmigian.

Let me tell you about that.  I've had dozens of slightly different veal parmagians over the years, like most devotees of Italian cuisine.  But I've never had anything as good as the veal last night in Slyce.  It was a veal chop, butterfly cut, and prepared with the perfect tomato sauce was which already a highlight at Chiccone's.   The veal was tender, sweet, and plentiful.

There lots of other choices on the menu and specials.  The paella looked tempting, as did the swordfish, and the four traditional chicken dishes.   Lots of good salad options, too.  The desserts are probably fabulous, but we were both too full, and, frankly, I wanted the veal parmigan taste going on for as long as possible.

At 27 Centre Street in Ardsley, NY, Slyce is well worth the trip is you're in the mood for affordable, outstanding dining or just a quick tasty bite.

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