Monday, October 12, 2015

Shrimp and Grits

PL here -

If you like shrimp and grits, the same named dish at the Élevage Restaurant in the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa is the way to go.
The shrimp and grits, perfectly prepared, come with pork bellies, one soft egg that you should break and mush around, and bits of pepper and scallion.  The result is delicious, high protein-nutritious, and satisfying. If you have shrimp and grits like this for breakfast, you won't need lunch. If you have this for lunch, you can go light for dinner.

I'm usually an oatmeal man for breakfast. Sometimes scrambled eggs. If I had access to the Epicurean every day, all that would change. But I'm back on a plane tomorrow, leaving the shrimp and grits and the summer sunshine behind.

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